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May 5, 2017

500 guests encouraged to stay curious at Women in Banking & Finance 9th Annual Forum, hosted by Deutsche Bank

On 4 May 2017, Deutsche Bank hosted the Women in Banking & Finance 9th Annual Forum in Sydney. Around 500 executives attended the event to hear from four inspiring speakers on the theme Beyond Boundaries: is curiosity the key?

Giving the keynote address was Stephen Attenborough from Virgin Galactic, a company pushing the boundaries of human capabilities and technology to democratise space. Attenborough said: “At Virgin we are constantly curious about what we can do better. In many instances we may not even know whether we can actually do it better, but that curiosity leads to action and often we will give it a go to find out.”

But beyond the adventure and boundary pushing, Attenborough said: “Space matters. We are all about making life on Earth better through the improved access to space and are going to space with applications, technologies and markets that have been deliberately chosen in order to have a positive and sustainable effect on planet Earth.”

Attenborough was followed on stage by Margaret Zhang, writer, stylist, photographer and creative director; Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, Chief Executive Officer, BlueChilli and Anna Bligh AC, Chief Executive Office, Australian Bankers’ Association.

Zhang, who is described as a grade A influencer in the world of social media, discussed the elusive key of staying relevant in a digital landscape where things change overnight.“In business, what has happened in the past two years in response to changes in the accessibility to technology surpasses the changes in the 20 years before that. So are we creating boundaries for ourselves by holding onto the way things used to be done?” she questioned.

As CEO of BlueChilli, the concept of moving quickly is one of Eckersley-Maslin’s three pillars for fostering a culture of innovation together with a tolerance of failure and empowered people. We believe that entrepreneurship is a proxy for problem solving in a way that is commercially viable and want to empower the people who have the curiosity to challenge the way things are being done.”

Anna Bligh, the first woman to lead the ABA and the first woman in Australia to be elected into parliament as Premier of Queensland said: “If you break boundaries, it might be tough and you might be criticised,” she said. “But in politics, you can’t realise opportunities without a combination of ideas and getting people to follow. And sometimes that includes going to a place that is completely unchartered and taking people with you.”

Women in Banking and Finance Annual Forum

Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the professional development of women in the banking and finance sectors. Deutsche Bank has hosted the WiBF Annual Forum since 2009 which has since become a flagship event in recent years in line with Deutsche Bank’s global commitment to promoting diversity. Locally, Deutsche Bank launched a new employee network, dbGO (Gender Opportunity) which aims to accelerate the pace of progress towards equal opportunity for all talented people working at the Bank by fostering an inclusive gender-balanced workplace


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